Paint spraying of warehouse unit cladding using SMP paint

We recently completed a project where we undertook paint spraying of a warehouse unit cladding roof. The results were impressive, as you can see in the before and after pictures we have provided.

Our team of commercial painters and decorators used the latest paint-spraying equipment and techniques to ensure an even and high-quality finish. We took great care to prepare the surface before painting to ensure that the paint adhered well and lasted as long as possible. The transformation of the warehouse unit was significant, with the painted roof giving the building a fresh, modern look.

To achieve a long-lasting and durable finish for this project, we used a special type of paint that is specifically designed for metal cladding roofs.

The paint we chose was silicone-modified polyester (SMP) paint, which is highly regarded in the industry for its excellent adhesion, durability, and resistance to fading and weathering.

This type of paint is specifically formulated to bond well to metal surfaces, making it an ideal choice for metal cladding roofs. Additionally, it has a high level of resistance to the elements, such as rain, sun, and wind, making it a great choice for exterior painting projects.

By using SMP paint, we were able to provide our client with a long-lasting and high-quality finish that would stand up to the test of time.