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Spray painters Surrey

Professional spray painters in Surrey & Berkshire

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Surrey Painters proudly provides comprehensive spray painting services for both private and commercial properties across Surrey, Berkshire, and London.

Our highly skilled team is thoroughly trained in using a wide range of paint-spraying equipment, empowering us to apply various types of paints, stains and coatings precisely. We can expertly handle all types of internal and external surfaces, ensuring a uniform, high-quality finish.

What can we spray paint for you?

Whether you’re after an updated colour for your kitchen cupboards or want to give old window shutters new life, we’ve got you covered.

  • Exterior walls
  • Interior walls
  • Ceilings
  • Internal and external doors
  • Cabinetry
  • Shutters
  • Furniture
  • Railings
  • Fireplaces

Exterior paint spraying

Masonry paint spraying

Paint spraying has gained popularity due to its speed and efficiency. The benefits of paint spraying become even more pronounced when dealing with larger surfaces.

Exterior walls, particularly those with textured surfaces, are ideally suited for paint spraying.

Kitchen Spray Painting

units paint spraying service surrey

Revitalize the appearance of your kitchen with our expert kitchen spray painting service.

Our team can refurbish cabinets, drawers, and other key surfaces, bestowing a fresh, contemporary look upon your kitchen. Committed to sustainability, we utilize eco-friendly, durable paint products that are easy to clean and maintain.

Furniture Spray Painting

Furniture Spray Painting

Breathe new life into your furniture with our furniture spray painting service.

The paint sprayer’s ability to evenly distribute paint provides a superior finish compared to traditional methods using a roller and brush.

Exterior woodwork paint spraying

Whether it’s revitalizing the charm of wooden windows or French doors, our specialized paint-spraying service guarantees outstanding results.

Here is the list of exterior woodwork that our team can spray paint for you.

  • Wooden windows
  • Doors
  • Soffits
  • Gables
  • Fascia board
  • External windows shutters
Exterior woodwork

Walls & Ceilings

Walls and ceilings in all types of properties can benefit from paint spraying if you are aiming for a superior, markless finish. Paint spraying offers a range of benefits over the traditional way of painting interior walls and ceilings.

Here are some benefits of using a paint sprayer over a roller or brush:

  • Even coverage
  • No brush or roller marks
  • Speed

Proofread: We always use spray paint where it makes sense, as sometimes there is more preparation required for paint spraying. However, in cases where it is quicker and more cost-effective for both us and our clients, we opt for the traditional method of applying paint using rollers and brushes.

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