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Customer journey

Explore each phase of the painting and decorating process with a comprehensive walkthrough of the customer journey.

Customer journey Customer journey
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In this section, we’ll guide you through each phase of the customer journey as you engage with Surrey Painters for your painting and decorating needs.



Initial enquiry


Contact details to book you quote meeting

You can book a quote by filling out the contact page on our website.


by calling us on tel: 01483 694110


Alternatively, you can send us an email:


Quote meeting & window assessment


Meeting day

During a painters and decorators quote meeting, you can expect our specialist to thoroughly assess your project’s needs.

They will evaluate the condition of your property, discuss your design preferences, and answer any questions you might have.

This meeting is designed to give us a clear understanding of your expectations and to provide you with an accurate estimate.


Written quotation

Within 5-7 days of the above meeting, you will receive a detailed written quotation from us. 


Project schedule


Starting date

Typically, we operate on a waiting list of 3-6 months. However, due to occasional project postponements, we often have unexpected openings in our schedule.

Should an earlier slot become available, we will promptly notify you. This often provides us with the opportunity to commence and complete your project much sooner than the original start date indicated in our quote.


During the project


Working days and hours

We are quite flexible and willing to tailor our working schedule to accommodate your needs.

Our dedicated team is prepared to work during weekends and outside typical working hours if it suits your preferences and project requirements.


Project duration

It’s rare for a project to extend beyond the initially quoted timeline. We don’t depend on part-time labourers; instead, our staff is composed entirely of well-trained professionals.

This ensures that once we commence a project, we have all the necessary resources on hand to complete it on schedule while maintaining our high standards of quality.




Final checks

We maintain rigorous quality controls throughout the course of the project, conducting regular checks at each stage of the process. In addition to this ongoing oversight, we also perform a comprehensive final inspection of all work areas once the job is completed to ensure our high standards have been met.


Aftercare & Guarantees



Should any issues occur, we’ll promptly arrange a visit to the property for an inspection. After identifying the problem, we’ll schedule our team to address and rectify any concerns promptly and efficiently.

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