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Grade 2 listed property wallpapering

At Surrey Painters, we are proud to showcase our recent wallpapering project for a Grade 2 listed property. Our team of skilled painters and wallpaper hangers completed the project with great attention to detail, evident in the photos showcasing the room’s transformation.

wallpapering surrey

Our recent wallpapering project for a Grade 2 listed property posed unique challenges due to the building’s heritage status. However, our team at Surrey Painters took great care to ensure that the wallpapering work was done in a way that was respectful of the building’s history.

surrey wallpapering projects

As part of our project, in addition to wallpapering, we also repainted the woodwork and ceiling. Our painters are skilled in all aspects of interior painting, and we take pride in the quality of our work.

We carefully prepared the surfaces to be painted, including filling any holes or cracks and sanding the woodwork to ensure a smooth finish. We also applied a primer before painting to ensure that the final coat adhered well and lasted longer.

wallpapering service in grade 2 listed building
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Our team successfully completed a wallpapering project that involved changing wallpapers and redecorating interiors in multiple rooms. We take great pride in our work and are delighted to report that the client was extremely pleased with the final results.

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