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# Caulking

Caulking is the process of applying a sealant used by painters and decorators, known as caulk, to fill gaps, cracks, and joints in various surfaces before painting. Caulk is a flexible material that helps create a smooth and seamless finish, preventing air or moisture from seeping through the gaps. It is commonly used in construction, home improvement, and painting projects to enhance the appearance and durability of surfaces.

Example: Painters used caulk to fill in the gaps between the baseboards and the wall, ensuring a tight seal and a professional finish before painting the room.

Synonyms or words with similar meanings to caulking include:

These terms can be used interchangeably or in conjunction with caulking to describe the process of filling gaps and cracks with a sealant before painting or to achieve a tighter and more aesthetically pleasing finish.

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